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About Our Greek Clothing and Custom Embroidery Business

Alpha One Greek and Promotional Items is a shop in St Louis, MO that has been providing Greek clothing and accessories for college students all across the region ever since its establishment. We are experts in the fraternity and sorority market. We have been producing high-quality items for many years now and have all the experience and qualifications to back that statement.

Our shop is black-owned and LGBTQ+ friendly. We introduce new merchandise frequently, constantly update our apparel to keep things fresh and continue to innovate the industry by making the customer experience unmatched. We know the market can be fickle at times seeing today’s embroidery and custom-made items become tomorrow’s old news. We accept the challenge and love working with students to recreate their own ideas.

Whether you are looking for a standard printed short-sleeve T-shirt or the latest model twill hoodie with Greek letters beautifully sewn across the chest, we have got you covered come to our shop in St Louis, MO to explore all available Greek clothing options and see what we are capable of. We source our products from renowned clothing manufacturers and utilize high-quality dyes and other materials to recreate the custom looks you are going for.


Want to learn more about Alpha One Greek and Promotional Items and our excellent embroidery services?


Reach us now at (314) 534-4733 to make an appointment or speak directly to one of our professionals.

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